Flight Vol. XXVIII

May 9, 2012

Brentwood Academy is pleased to present the annual literary magazine Flight. Flight is a collection of original prose and poetry by Brentwood Academy students from all grade levels. In addition, Flight selects student art, from various mediums, as well as photography, and sculpture for the magazine. The Flight literary and art staff is composed solely of high school students. The senior and lay-out editors of the magazine, Samantha Becci and Faith Whatley, are Brentwood Academy students. The Flight Staff would like to thank alumnus, David McQuiddy III '78, of McQuiddy Printing Company, for printing the magazine. Thanks also to the following faculty members for their tremendous service: Mrs. Debbie Dunn, Ms. Lindsay Fowlkes, Mrs. Gale Payne and Mrs. Cindy Tripp.